Saturday, July 10, 2010

Let's play catch-up.

Didn't I say I was going to post more often?

I apologize. Life does get busy, and, well, sometimes I'm just too tired to hop on and write an entry. Forgive me, will you?

I am nearly 32 weeks pregnant now. This little one likes to settle transverse, which means her head is on my left and her little feet are wiggling on my right. This is the first pregnancy in which I have been able to clearly feel my baby with my own hands (by manipulating my growing belly), and I think that's is mainly due to her being transverse so often. I have been able to feel her tiny little head, rub her tiny little back, and tickle those tiny little feet. It's such an amazing experience! (And while that is certainly awesome and fun, I do hope she decides to flip around into the correct position in the next few weeks and stay there so our homebirth goes easy!)

Monday, July 5th, 2010 - 31 weeks.

There's so much going on in the coming months. Our nephew is coming to visit for about a week, my SIL's birthday is this month, my baby shower-hosted by my mom- and my birthday are both on the 31st. My husband's birthday is the first week of August. And we're moving to a different place (same area) that second week of August (our rent is going on, and we want a one-story and a cheaper electricity bill). And, once we're moved and slightly settled, we need to celebrate Keagan's birthday.

His birthday isn't until September 12th, but I would hate for him to get "lost in the babyness", so I want to make sure to have his birthday at least a week or two before my due date, which means, um, pretty soon after we move in.

I honestly don't think little Evangeline will arrive early. I'm pretty sure she, like Keagan, will surpass 40 weeks.

Of course, inbetween all those events, there is sorting and packing to be done as well as baby preparations and midwife visits along with all the regular routines of daily life and motherhood.

Which reminds me, Merika had an MRI and check-up last month and... guess what... the mass is completely gone! (There was a third remaining post-surgery.) Praise God!

We have certainly been blessed!

Anyway, how about a photo dump?

Merikalyn loves to draw (definitely takes after her mother!) and is becoming quite good at it!

I couldn't resist snapping this shot. The boys were taking time out from playing pirates (Blackbeard and.... Captain Pantless?) to snuggle up on Daddy.

Merikalyn was chosen to carry a flag during Awana Graduation.

On Father's Day, we ate at one of Brandon's favorite restaurants, Lupe Tortilla. (DELICIOUS!) Of course, we had to take photos of the kids. Don'tcha just love the boys "Sunday Shoes"?

And of course, we had to have a snap shot of my brother and I with "THE MAN". My Dad is such a handsome fella!

Keagan has become a very artsy little fella. For a two-year-old, he is quite talented (or maybe I'm just quite biased). He is obsessed with 'paceships, as he calls them, and loves to draw them. I have a video I need to post where he has drawn several space ships. I ask him to draw me a circle for the sun.. and he does! (I wasn't even sure he had fully grasped the shape concept, even though we've been working on it!)

I think it's funny he's wearing long sleeves and shorts. It's definitely hot here in Houston, but sometimes it's better to let a toddler pick his own clothes and figure out for himself that long sleeves have no place in summer.