Sunday, August 22, 2010

38 weeks!

Thirty-eight weeks, folks. Thirty-eight weeks. This pregnancy has been so eventful (Merikalyn's brain surgery and follow-up visits, finding out baby's heart wasn't complete and she had a cyst on the brain, then finding out our baby and our sweet Merika were completely healed, moving to a new home, celebrating bunches of birthdays, etc) and now things are slowing down and I am very eagerly anticipating little Miss Evangeline's arrival. (I think that's a run-on sentence. Forgive me!)

I thought I'd overload you with photos of "life" this post instead of writing a real entry, but I wanted to let you all know I'm still very much pregnant! :) Enjoy!

Dress up/pretend is a very big part of our lives. I mean, sometimes you just feel like being a cowboy...

Or a very posh lady.

And sometimes you just feel like sitting in a box, especially a box that has been decorated to look like a car.

Sometimes you just want to imitate Mommy.

And sometimes you'd like to pretend that you're not tired and ready to have this baby NOW, even though you know it'll likely be at least 2 more weeks.

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