Sunday, August 29, 2010

CD Review: The Flip Diaper

I had heard a lot about the FLIP diaper system, so several months ago, I decided to give it a try. FLIP diapers consist of a waterproof one-size (adjustable) cover and a stay-dry insert (made of micro-fiber terry with a special suede top that wicks away moisture from baby's skin).

The Pros:
- Very trim diapers. Sometimes you need something that isn't so bulky, and these diapers definitely keep it slim.
- The inserts are wider than most, which I love.
- The one-size feature means this diaper will last longer. However, I don't think it really fits a 7-8lb baby very well. I would say this would fit best from 10-12 lbs up to 35lbs depending on the size and proportion of your child.
- There are little "pockets" to tuck the top and bottom of the liners into, but no large pocket to stuff, which means these are quick and simple to put on and take off.
- The insert can be thrown in a wet bag and the cover can be wiped off and reused, which means you save money- you can stock up on inserts and get by with 3-5 covers (for a toddler) a day.
- The cover seems to be a comfortable fit for my toddler. There are never any red marks around his legs, and the FLIP cover is among one of his favorites.

The Cons:
- The Stay-Dry insert sometimes bunches up. So far this hasn't caused any leaks, but it seems like this would be uncomfortable for the child.
- I'm not a big fan of micro-terry. Microterry seems to hold on to the stink and require more effort (stripping, etc). However, they do have another option made of 100% Oeko-Tex® certified organic cotton. I have chosen to use the FLIP cover with a prefold and a bamboo soaker, and this works best for us.

The FLIP disposable inserts:

It's nice to have a disposable option when out for extended periods of time or traveling. These inserts are pretty absorbant, but they wiggle around inside the cover because they are not as wide as the cover.

I solved this by putting a disposable insert on top of the Stay-Dry insert, which helped keep it in place and gave us a little extra reassurance in case we had a heavy-wetter moment.

FLIP recommends using a smaller snap setting to keep the insert in place. There are 18 disposable liners in each package, and my favorite store (Nurtured Family) sells them for $3.95 (most stores sell them for $4.95). This is a great price for a disposable option, in my opinion.

All in all, I love the Flip cover, and I think the organic cotton insert option is the one to go with. The disposable inserts have their time and place, but definitely not an option I'd use daily (kind of defeats the whole "cloth diapering" thing anyway, right?).

I will definitely be back to review these again when our little butterbean is big enough to fit them!


Mommy N said...

This is the first cloth diaper we got and as of now, it's the only ones we are using b/c the others haven't come in and it's pretty easy. The only thing is that I have to change the cover every time he has a dirty diaper b/c it does get on the cover, but other than that it's been great... then again, I don't have anything to compare it to ;-)

Kimmy @ kimmythingy said...

I'm really pleased that you got on well with the flips. It gives me hope!

I'm sure we've talked about it before, but I just couldn't get on with ANY cloth nappies with my 2 year old. The flips were definitely the most promising. They are a great hybrid nappy.