Sunday, August 8, 2010

Did I mention we moved?

I know I talked about the fact that we would be moving.... but I believe, last time I even mentioned it, we had yet to find a place.

Well we did. And we have already moved. Our landlord graciously allowed us out of our lease 2 weeks early (it benefited us both, as this is the peak season- and she had someone moving in the day after we officially turned in our keys). July 31st was not only my birthday and my baby shower, but it was also the day we turned the house over to the management company. Boy, was that a relief as that previous week had been incredibly stressful (we had to leave the home move-in ready, so there was lots of scrubbing, painting, etc). Moving is not fun. Moving with four children (my nephew was staying with us for a week) is not fun. Moving with four children and a big ol' pregnant belly is definitely not fun.

But, we survived. We moved on a weekend and my MIL picked up the kids the following Monday so I had a week to unpack (and make several boxes to give to charity) without distractions. However, I missed them, and it was awfully lonely eating lunch by myself (hubby was at work) and having no one to talk to during the day. I did accomplish a lot though. The house looks put together, even though we still have some boxes that need to be unpacked. We're getting there.

The boys are now sharing a room (and hey, my hubby finally finished Keagan's little bed... a year after he started the project!). Merikalyn still has her own, but eventually, she and Evangeline will share a room.

And, we have an extra room for all of our homeschooling goodies!

(Yay, my paintings finally have a home!)

It's still a work in progress, though. I have so much homeschooling and crafty stuff to organize!

Eventually, I'd like to paint the house a nice neutral tan-ish color... but, well, I think we'll settle in first and maybe get a chance to relax (HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! *Snort*) before we tackle that.


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