Monday, August 30, 2010

Mindful Monday: Pregnancy, Birth, and God.

Preparing for birth is a very spiritual experience. During the first pregnancy, a woman often feels like she's not exactly sure what she's doing. She may have read all the books and articles, but it's a brand new experience, each pregnancy differing from the rest.

When I found out I was pregnant (with each child), there was a time of great rejoicing, just as there is when we are reborn into the family of Christ. Then the sickness hit, and, while there is still a joy of what is to come, it is often easy to lose sight of that goal and get caught up in the uncomfortableness and circumstances of the here and now- just as there is in our every day walk with God.

Pregnancy is spent growing a child within. A woman must take proper care of herself in order for this baby to properly grow and for the mother to stay strong and healthy through the pregnancy, just as we need to take proper care of our spiritual selves in order for us to have spiritual growth and have the strength we need to do God's will (thankfully, where our strength fails, God's endures!).

And, of course, there comes the labor and the birth in which we must put our trust in God. When we were planning and praying about Keagan's unassisted birth, God often reassured me. "You are fearfully and wonderfully made," He'd whisper. "I made your body. I created you, my daughter, to be able to give birth- do not be afraid!" To date, Keagan's birth has been one of the most amazing, spiritual events in my life, and most definitely in my marriage. God used the pregnancy and birth to bring us so much closer together as husband and wife and as family as well.

Most of all, during this time (especially since I am 39 weeks today), I think of the great anticipation. I love my daughter so much, and I have yet to hold her in my arms. It reminds me of God's love for us- loving us before we even "existed" in the world. What amazes me most is that God already has a plan for this little one. He's already put it into motion. She already has a testimony (of great healing), and she has yet to be born!

If such great things have happened before she even entered the earth, what sort of glorious, wonderful things has God planned for her lifetime here in this world?


Pam said...

That is so true. We have had 9 homebirths; you could call them UA, because I'm the midwife having the baby!
Everything you wrote rings true in my heart. Praying for you birth. Take care and keep looking up.

Arlene said...

39 weeks! That means this precious one can arrive any day! Have fun preparing for her arrival. Are you planning another unassisted birth, or do you have a midwife to help you?

Kristin-Homemaker@Heart said...

What a breath of fresh air, so positive and encouraging! You're so great! :o)