Monday, October 11, 2010

Cloth diapering a bitty-baby

I'm often asked how cloth-diapering is going. This is our first time cloth diapering a newborn. There's quite a difference between CDing a baby who is exclusively breastfed and CDing a child who is on solids (or formula). I feared CDing Evangeline would be messy- afterall, we've all witnessed those breastmilk poo blow-outs. They aren't pretty!

However, I haven't had much of an issue with blow-outs in cloth. I have, however, have had about half a dozen disposable diapers blow-outs (in fact, one happened last night while we were at church!).

Thirsties Duo covers are great. Like Weehuggers covers, they come in two adjustable sizes, which make for a better fit. When I began putting Evie in cloth, I folded cotton flats and pinned or snappied them. I thought that would help contain poopy messes better. However, I have found that's really not necessary. Now I just fold the flats into a rectangle and lay them in the cover. I haven't had any blow outs yet, and it's much quicker to change her diaper!

Washing these diapers is super simple. Breastmilk poo dissolves easily and doesn't have to be pre-rinsed. And, breastmilk poo doesn't have the horrid stench most poo does. Plus, I usually only use 2-3 covers a day... so I believe this method (wipeable covers and cotton flats) is very budget friendly!

Side note- thing about being a parent... you talk about poo more than you ever thought you would!


Mommy of 2 Boys said...

You talk about many things as a parent that most other's wouldn't, and funny thing is, you can do it over food and not bat an!! I have found the same pertain's to being a nurse!!!

Love your insight on CDing! I talked about it with both my kids, but just never did anything about it! Maybe I will have a chance next time!!

Leah said...

I'm glad to hear how it's going! I am planning to use cloth on Jaxson when he makes his debut any day now. I've heard that prefolds and covers are the cheapest AND best at containing breastfeeding poos so I stocked up on those. I also got a few newborn kissaluvs and fitteds I'm going to use covers with too just to try out different things. I can't wait :-)

How many prefolds do you have and how often do you wash?