Thursday, October 14, 2010

Create Your Own Pizza

Thank the Lord folks are feeling better in our household. I've been aching to do this little lunch activity, but it's just not fair to spring on the kiddos when one of the crew is sick and can't participate. It's a simple recipe. I planned on using English Muffins, but then came across Thomas' Bagel Thins, which were even better as the pizza crust.. and of course, I included different toppings.

Left to right, Keagan's, Merikalyn's, and Nolyn's. Mine didn't fit on the pan, so I had to watch them devour their nummies while mine baked up in the oven.

"Genius idea!" Nolyn squeals. "It's a pizza burger!"

Keagan decided the Pizza Burger idea was pretty darn nifty. He ate about 6 bites, which means he really liked it, since we usually manage an average of 3-4 bites per lunch. I don't know how the boy survives.

Deliciously cheesy. Yum!

Whilst plucking ingredients from the fridge for the pizza bagels, I saw a tube of Pillsbury rolls. I flattened them out, baked them, and (once cooled) topped with strawberry cream cheese, beaten chocolate (seriously, I beat a mini-Hershey's bar into crumbly submission), butterscotch chips, and sunflower seeds. It's just stuff I had around.

Kids enjoyed, and it wasn't crazy-sweet. A perfect ending to a create-your-own-adventure lunch.


Mommy of 2 Boys said...

Those look delicious!! I have never thought of using the bagel thins!! I have a package in my freezer!! Thanks for the idea!!

Maureen said...

What a fun recipe to do with the kids! Congrats on your new baby! Love all the postings ;-)


Maureen said...

Just wanted to thank you again for the great idea!!! We had fun!!!