Monday, October 25, 2010

Modest Makeover (wardrobe remake!)

About a year ago, I purchased a pair of bright blue skinny jeans (on clearance) to wear to my friend's 80's themed birthday party. What I was left with was a pair of bright blue skinny jeans I wasn't about to wear anywhere else!

I love cute, funky skirts- and my favorite skirt was made from a comfy pair of brand new GAP jeans. (I purchased the jeans, removed the tags, and then lost weight! The tailor charged $35 to make them into a skirt!) I figured these blue skinny jeans could quickly become my favorite skirt, so I looked up a tutorial (there are plenty on YouTube) and transformed them. It's pretty simple. No pattern is required. Just watch a good tutorial and you can go do one for yourself.

I used white thread because I wanted it to stand out, and I wanted the thread to add to the design. I have every intention of doing a bit of free hand embroidery on this piece to really make it funky and cute. If you look closely to the front, you'll see the word LOVE written underneath one of the pockets. (My sewing machine does small letters... which is nice!) It took me an hour to transform these pants. I started at 12:30am, and didn't conk out on my pillow until nearly 3. (What? I had to clean up my mess and nurse the baby!)

So, what do you do when you find a project you really like? You make more (this time for your daughter)!

I explained the steps with Merika as I made it, showing her how to use a seam ripper, where to place the extra panels, etc. It was a huge hit and a great way to renew a pair of jeans which still fit her in the waste but had blown out knees and were getting a little short on the ankles.

Even Nolyn was amazed. "I did not know you could dooooo that, Mom!"

Neither did I. Neither did I.

It's hard to find nice modest skirts these days, but it's easy to make them yourself. And, if you think I'm just foolin', let me tell you- I'm no professional! If I can do it, you can! What are you a'feared of?

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Valerie said...

super adorable! Great job! I attempted doing this exact thing this year for my daughter and loved it!