Thursday, October 28, 2010

Personalized Bracelets

Hey folks,

Looking for a nice, personalized gift for a birthday or Christmas stocking stuffer? How about a super cute personalized cloth bracelet by Mandy Mom? Email me:

talkto (at) mandymom (dot) com

Bracelets are $5 a piece, with $1 flat rate shipping within the USA no matter how many you order. (I can also ship to Canada, but I'm not sure of shipping prices.)

Here are the current fabric choices:
Mini Polka Dot (Gender Neutral)
Girly Polka
Flower Splash
Brown & Blue Damask
Original Camo
Blue Camo

(close-up photos of the fabric choices available upon request)


Mommy of 2 Boys said...

I ordered mine on OD already!!

Me.. said...

It is a velcro closure?