Saturday, October 16, 2010

Sew Excited!

Just had to use a sewing pun, yanno.

It's finally in my possession: The Brand New sewing machine I have dreamed of having for years. You know how it is... you know it would be useful, but you end up using any extra money on other items (repairs, other tools, clothes for the kids..). But now... I have it. YAY!

I'm super thrilled with the machine I purchased (Brother, SQ-9000). I have yet to take it out of the box though, which might lead one to believe I'm not as head-over-heals as I claim, but I have read through the manual. I just didn't want to get it out and get really into it because it was late in the afternoon when we arrived home, the baby needed feeding and we had planned to watch a movie together (How to Train Your Dragon- CUUUTE!). Plus, I knew if I started sewing anything, you'd have to drag me away from it and nothing else would get accomplished (yanno, like supper....).

But, tomorrow? Post-church/lunch? I'm totally losing myself in thready goodness. I honestly felt like skipping out of the store singing, "My hubby just bought me a sewing maaachiiiiiiiinnnnne." Instead, I tried to reign in my bubbly cheer and act like an adult (which, is hard for me to do in general 90% of the time).

I did do a lot of mental squealing and cartwheels. (Which is good, because if I did a physical cartwheel, something or someone might get broken.)

Now that I've rung the spare change out of the budget (well, not really, but I hate dipping into savings), I'll have to sift through old clothes to find material to sew with. I did purchase a few patterns and a two yard of pretty fabric yesterday with plans to make something for the girls. What that may be, I'm unsure of. Pillowcase dresses are great starter projects to get myself familiar with the new machine. There's some super duper adorable pants I want to make for Merika and my niece, AJ. Maybe that'll be my second clothing project.

Here's the fabric:

(Also grabbed a bow to match to make the pillowcase dresses)

*Ladedah....* I may have to pull out the sewing machine post-supper (but then I'll be sleep deprived and half-asleep at church tomorrow.....).


Pam said...

I so know how you feel! I just got a NEW machine after a year without one. It's a nicer one than I ever had. It sat there for a bit, and yes, I had to actually read the guide this time. Then I had to dream of what to make. Christmas gifts for the girls will be large 11 inch square quilts..cut from stuff we have. Their quilts are so old and worn out. They can pick their squares by taking turns. It will be great. Rejoicing with ya.

Davene said...

Hi, Mandy!

I randomly popped in here by using the "Next Blog" feature at the top of the page. I'm so glad I did! I enjoyed very much my peek around your blog, and I'm inspired already by what I read.

Have fun with your sewing machine. What a blessing!!

Maureen said...

I'm always borrowing my mom's & look forward to the day of owning my own! :-) Love the fabric!

Happy Sewing,

Meghan said...

So glad you got it!!!
I'm so excited to see what you can make :DD