Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Simplify the Curriculum

From a post by Ruth Beechick @ Homeschooling Today

"Public schools have multiplied subjects over the years. They continually move subjects to lower and lower grades. They break apart a subject into bits and name each bit as a separate subject. Language is the worst victim of this treatment. They spread writing, for instance, through classes on penmanship, grammar, vocabulary, spelling, creative writing, and more. Reading, likewise.

A smart homeschooler wrote on her blog, “For reading we read and for writing we write.” How commonsensical! Homeschoolers don’t need to follow the artificial school pattern. They can be more realistic."



Frump said...

nodding along with you ;) I needed to be reminded of this.


Luke said...

Very true. And very sad. This fragmenting of ideas leads to less and less understanding because we struggle more and more to see how ideas fit together.


Jeanette said...


Schooling really isn't so hard if we just resimplify it. Reading is reading, writing is writing, math is math and so on.