Saturday, October 23, 2010

WeeHuggers Review

Now that Evangeline is a bit chunkier and fits most of her cloth diapers better, I feel the need to do a review on WeeHuggers diaper covers. These diaper covers (which come in two adjustable sizes for the best fit), are super duper cute. They have adorable designs, but one big issue.
Every single time Evangeline wears this cover, I have leakage issues. I have used different diapering methods on the inside to see if maybe that would help, but still, every time I have problems.

The main leakage issue is wicking. The wetness somehow transfers to the outside, so this is definitely not a diaper cover you would use overnight. This really irks me because they are SO DARN CUTE and seem to be quite comfortable.

Still, despite the leaks, I continue to use it (because of the cuteness factor) and just try to change the inner diaper more often. However, yesterday she had a massive poo (the liquidy breastfed sort) and it even leaked out the gussets. I had never had issues with leaking out the legs, so I was quite shocked. Then again she had never had one of those massive poos (the kind that she seems to have saved up for half a day) in this diaper.

I'm really bummed because I want to love WeeHuggers. Afterall, they are so stinkin' adorable, and I love their little YouTube video with the talking baby.

If you're looking for a great adjustable cover with a great fit, I suggest Thirsties Duos covers. They are similar to WeeHuggers- they come in two different adjustable sizes and I have not had any leakage issues with them. (Proper review to come.)

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lisaversa said...

Please try drying your over in the dryer to seal the PUL. This should not be happening. Thanks, Lisa