Saturday, November 27, 2010

"Sew Matchy-Matchy"

I've had this adorable apple & pear fabric I've been dying to use in a cute way. After seeing my friend use this same fabric on a super cute diaper cover for her daughter, I was tempted to do the same (and I still might with the leftovers), but was feeling sort of lazy and decided to do this instead:

The skirt waistbands are made from an old cotton knit t-shirt of mine (the sort you can purchase from Hobby Lobby). The boys shirts had staining down the center (messy eaters, I tell you!) and so these little faux ties made the perfect cover-up. I know it may seem a little feminine a fabric for a boy, but I know our boys can pull off these cute tie tees. Merikalyn loves her skirt, and Evangeline seemed to like hers as well.... although she was less enthused about the little cap I made.

Later I made two hairbows.... one for me and one for Merikalyn. I'm still considering adding a bit of this fabric to a t-shirt or something for myself.. but I haven't decided what yet.

Photos of the kids in their super cute matchy-matchiness to come!

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Baby Comparison

A few have asked to see photos of my other babies when they were, well, babies to compare them to Evie. I see little flashes of my other children in some of her expressions, but she's got her own little look.

Nolyn, appx 2 months old

Nolyn, 9 months old

Merikalyn, 4 months old

Merikalyn, appx 2 months old

Keagan, appx 5-6 months

Merikalyn, 4 months old

Merika, 1-2 months old (with Uncle Chip)

Keagan, 3 months


Merika, a couple months old

Keagan- 3 1/2 months

And, of Evie:

What do you think?

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

A great week in photos

I've been super busy sewing. It's become an obsession, a part of every day. So, I made myself take a break yesterday.

And yesterday happened to be our wedding anniversary! Eight years of marriage (Nine years together), and I love him more today than the day I married him. I'm glad I can honestly say that.

Unfortunately, I didn't take any photos of us together. So you'll have to settle with a self-portrait.

Not quite as wonderful as a photo of both of us. He truly is my better half!

Life has been quite wonderful lately, and I have just felt like God has rained down His blessing on us so abundantly that I can hardly hold it all.

I mean, I have the most precious sweet cheeks! (She's TWO months old now!)

And I've had the privilege of sewing some super sweet diapers for some super sweet friends (and myself!):

And I've had some great fellowship with my family and friends over the last week. My heart is so full!

Dad/Poppa and Evie

Celebrating Granny's 75th Birthday!

Uncle Tommy hogging the baby.

My friend Kelly snuggling Evie (Kelly is expecting a little boy in April!) at our weekly playdate.

It's just been a great week! Thank You LORD! :)

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Wordless Wednesday: I forgot to post these...

Now that Evangeline is (catch me, I just might faint) almost two months... (woah, feeling dizzy)... old... (get out the smelling salts)....

I thought I would share the shots I took when she was one month. Can't believe I didn't post these sooner!

Sometimes I snuggle her and try to describe the feeling to myself, but it just cannot be described. Her soft fuzzy noggin, those sweet cupid's bow lips, her tiny ears, dimpled hands, rolly-polly thighs....


And so, the only words I can think of are, "Thank you, God."

So much for the wordless part of this Wednesday post!