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Cloth Diaper Lingo Glossary

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Some of you have asked, and now, here's your answers. What does all that diaper lingo mean?

All-in-One Diaper (AIO): diaper that has the absorbent layer permanently attached along with an waterproof outer layer. These diapers take a bit longer to dry because the absorbent layer is attached.

All-in-Two Diaper (AI2): diaper that has a removable absorbent layer (usually attached with snaps) and a waterproof outer layer. The soaker can be removed for washing and then snapped back in. (Example: GroVia)

Aplix: A velcro-like closure used in cloth diapering. (However, it is softer than velcro.)

Contours: An "hourglass" shaped diaper, similar to a fitted, but it does not have any elastic (no gussets around the legs). Usually must be pinned or "Snappied". Requires a waterproof cover.

Cover: Exactly what it sounds like! It is usually waterproof. A cover can be made of cotton, fleece, PUL, fleece or wool. Come in all shapes and sizes as well.

Diaper Pail Liner: A bag used to store dirty diapers. Some people simply use a kitchen trash bag, others use special washable, waterproof bags.

Doubler: An extra soaker that doubles the absorbency of the diaper. Can either be tucked in a pocket diaper or placed on top of a prefold or fitted diaper, against the baby's skin. Great option for overnight or outings.

Flat: A diaper sheet that has not been "pre-folded". You can either fold it into a rectangle and use as an insert, or learn special ways of folding them around your baby and secure by pinning.

Fitted Diaper: Diaper that is shaped to fit baby. It is usually made of cotton, hemp, or bamboo weaves. Requires waterproof covers.

Flushable Liner: A liner that is placed next to baby's skin inside the diaper. I call it the "poo catcher". It resembles a dryer sheet in that it is very thin and gauze-like. It catches solids and can be flushed down the toilet.

Insert: A layer of absorbent material typically used in a pocket diaper. The usual materials are bamboo, cotton, hemp or micro-terry.

Lanolize: A way of preparing (washing) the wool diaper cover with lanoline and soap to create a waterproof diaper. (Wool covers must be lanolized and cannot be washed along with your regular diapers.)

Longies: A diaper cover that resembles pants. Usually made of fleece or wool

Micro fleece Liner: An liner placed next to the baby's skin inside the diaper. Often built into pocket diapers, but can also be purchased to simply lay on top of fitteds, prefolds, flats, etc. Fleece is known to repel stains, making the upkeep of cloth diapers easier. Micro fleece is not absorbent but helps to draw the moisture away from baby's skin. NOT to be confused with most fleece materials you purchase at your local fabric store. All fleece is NOT micro fleece.

Minkee: An incredibly soft material used as both/either inner and outer fabric in some cloth diapers.

One-Size: Diapers that grow with your baby by adjusting in some form or fashion, often by either folding or snapping down for smaller babies. Very economical way of cloth diapering. Some companies have two sizes of "one-size" diapers for better fits. (Example: Thirsties Duo Wraps)

Pocket Diaper: Diaper that has a pocket at the front or back of the diaper for stuffing with inserts or prefolds and (usually) has a waterproof outer layer. Often has a micro fleece layer against baby's skin.

PUL (polyurethane laminate): Fabric with a waterproof laminate applied to the back.

Prefold: A rectangular material with extra absorbency in the middle. You can find these almost anywhere, including Wal-mart and Target (by Gerber, usually). Has many uses- including burp rags, dust rags, etc.

Snappi: Alternative to "pinning" diapers. T-shaped fasteners with tiny "claws" which grab the diaper and hold it in place.

Soaker: Usually means a diaper insert, but sometimes is referring to a wool cover that is made to handle heavy wetting.

Stripping: A method of removing detergent residue from diapers and inserts.

Wet Bag: A waterproof bag used to hold dirty diapers. (Great way to store dirty diapers when out of the house.)

Wicking: When the wetness from the inside of the diaper seeps through the diaper (usually around the edges) causing baby's clothes to get damp.

Wool Cover: Knitted or manufactured wool covers worn over a cloth diaper, keeping moisture in while letting air circulate. Need to be lanolized in order for them to be waterproof.

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This is a great cloth diapers glossary. There were one or two I didn't know but I"m going to send all of my customers here for the terms.