Wednesday, December 8, 2010

[Not So] Wordless Wednesday: Evangeline- 3 months old

Our sweet little sugar dumplin' hit the 3 month mark yesterday. Weeks are flying by in mere seconds, it seems. She has really great head/neck control and smiles a lot. She's a great sleeper. For the first few weeks of her life, I would feed her before I went to bed (10:30-11pm) and then again at about 4am. Now she often sleeps until six or seven in the morning, giving Momma a few extra morning winks! I cannot believe she sleeps through the night! (I think I hear a bunch of jealous mothers out there!)

She loves to have little chats with us. She coos, squeals, and gives us the cutest drooly grins.

Cloth diapering a bitty-baby (especially one that is 100% breastfed) is so much easier than cloth diapering a toddler. She's a very alert and aware baby. She does not like to sit in a diaper that is wet or soiled, so she lets me know when she needs a diaper change. Keagan is the sort that would marinate in his diaper and not care. (He does now, though! I think our adventures in potty training have had that effect on him.)

She's most alert in the morning when we first wake up and around supper time. She likes when we say words that begin with "puh" or "buh", so sometimes I repeat, "Pretty, pretty princesses blowing big blue bubbles," over and over and watch a smile stretch ear to ear!

She really is an easy baby. I'd say they've all been easy, but I'm pretty sure some of that belief is due to a forgetful mind and a bit of sugar-coating!

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Mommy of 2 Boys said...

Happy 3 month Birthday to Evangeline!!