Thursday, December 15, 2011

Tea with my dears

Why, yes ma'am,  I will have a cup.

Two lumps, my dear Evangeline.

Sir, when will our food be ready? Oh good, I give you my thanks.

I do declare, Evangeline! Proper southern ladies do not lap at their tea! Tisk!

Now, that's much better.

Evangeline, 15 months

She just gets sweeter and sweeter, cuter and cuter. :)

Monday, December 5, 2011

What we're up to.....

December ushered in my 27th week of pregnancy.  Three months left? Only three months? This pregnancy has really flown by (along with the rest of life!).  Ever since we had children, the months and years have seem to go so quickly.  Maybe it's because you're much more aware of time when you're watching your babies grow up!

Things are going really well.  We celebrated Thanksgiving out in the country with friends- such a wonderful day of fellowship. We closed out the day snuggled around a fire pit talking about the bible. Very enjoyable! I am so grateful to have such a wonderful lot of faithful, loving friends!

We went to my brother's home the next day and pigged out on grilled burgers, brats, and hotdogs while playing Wii with my cousins. Ah, competition! My brother and his family recently moved to a new place, and boy is it lovely!  We spent the night there, even though they only live about 30-45 minutes away.

I was looking forward to getting back into the gear of homeschool... and then Nolyn fell sick halfway through the week (last week).  It was really strange to see him so lethargic and calm!

This morning I hosted a Sew'n'Tell brunch with my "cloth diaper crew".  We actually didn't get around to any sewing (or anything to do with sewing, really), but we did what women do- talk about babies, birth, and so on!  It was very enjoyable!  It made me realize (as it always does) that we need to get together more often!

Hopefully we can really get back into the groove of homeschooling this week.  Nolyn has been testing out different styles of airplanes to see which one flies better. It's been very interesting to watch him work through things. My little engineer!

It's finally cooling down here in the southern parts of Texas!  Winters are my favorite time of year here in Texas. It's the reward for suffering through the humidity and heat of sweltering Summers (and Springs and Autumns...).  Finally, our air conditioning unit doesn't have to work overtime, and I can actually snuggle up under my covers at night, rather than suffering hot flash after hot flash.

And, I can have hot coffee, hot tea, hot cocoa... and not pass out from overheating.

Yum, right?

Plus, the cooler weather seems to help the kids sleep in longer each morning, which means I get to sleep longer! Wooo hoooo!

I'm sure my husband loves it too because it means I seek him out in the middle of the night for extra warmth. During the summer, I can't stand to be up against him during the night because he's such a big heater! (Poor fella!) He shouldn't feel bad though- I find it difficult to co-sleep with my babies in the summer for the same reason! How is it that such a tiny little baby can be so hot?

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Beautiful Baby Blessings

Thank You Lord for blond wisps of hair.
Thank You for silky soft cheeks.
Thank You for rolling giggles.
Thank You for weaving her life into ours.

Isn't God great?

Monday, November 21, 2011

My handsome son

Isn't my eldest son super handsome?

I think so. :)  He's growing so fast! How can it be that this little gentleman is going to be seven soon? Who said he could grow up?

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Beautiful Faces

Of Becky's kiddos, and mine too!

Abigail G. & Analisa G.
Abigail G. (How adorable is that?)
Messy-mouthed Keagan
Jacob G.
Joseph G.
Silly Abigail!

It's a.....

Life has been so crazy busy (remember, two families of 6 in one household!), but is soon to calm down. However, finding time to blog has not been easy. I'm just poppin' in to share some photos!

First, we found out we are three weeks further along than we believed (how thrilling)... and we're having a girl!

We had the ultrasound tech put the "gender photo" in an envelope (and not reveal it to us).  Then we headed over to my friend's home (who also happens to be my midwife), and her daughter opened the envelope and told us the news!

We shared the news with my parents and Granny by giving them Oreos with pink icing. Mom was convinced it was a boy. Boy, was she wrong! ;)

Meet our sweet little Molly Jo

In other news, my husband and I celebrated nine years of marriage and 10 years of togetherness! How wonderful and sweet! I am so in love with my husband, and it only gets sweeter each year!

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

It's like a family of 12.

Our friends have been staying with us, so it's almost like having a family of 12! :) It's been loads of fun! Here are some pictures from today:

Kitchen clean-up!

Abigail and Becky

Jacob scrubbing dishes.

Coloring sheets while we read books and do homeschooly stuff.

Becky reading today's bible story (Finding a wife for Isaac).

The crew at the park!

Yours truly with Evangeline

Analisa and Nolyn

To be honest, this picture of Abigail kind of scares me! ;)

Keagan was NOT in a good mood!


Mandy (me) and Becky go for a swing.

Time to go back home!

Ah, homeschooling done. Relax.

Becky enjoying her book. :)