Thursday, January 27, 2011

The Marketing of Madness (video)

Several of my friends and I were discussing this subject the other day- and then I found there's actually a wonderful documentary on it!


Luke said...

Looks interesting. Of course, as people in the comments quickly point out, some of their logical jumps are also rather interesting [smile].

~Luke said...

(@ LUKE) Definitely- I think it has some great points.. even if it goes a little overboard. I do believe we are definitely over medicating! :)

Usually, people jump to medicating a problem rather than observing the diet (is this person consuming too much sugar? is there an allergy causing certain issues? is the imbalance an issue of insufficient nutrition?), but of course, there are always cases where people genuinely need medication (first thing that comes to mind is our troops returning from battle with PSTD).