Friday, February 25, 2011

Blessed beyond measure!

I'm convinced someone has figured out how to speed up time.  Really.

Some days slip away so quickly. As I climb into bed I realize I wasted too many hours worrying and griping (usually in my head, not out loud) instead of living a life of passionate worship and thankfulness.

God has given me such a wonderful ministry in my family.  He has blessed me with such an amazing family. Yes, I have been blessed far beyond what I deserve even on my best day.

I have birthed four babies.  I have snuggled, nursed, and nurtured four little infants.  I have been able to watch them grow and learned so much from such little beings.  I have often seen glimpses of myself in them.  They are but a taste of God's love.

What a privilege!  What a gift!  What a blessing!

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mommyto4blessings said...

Hey, great post as always. I am looking for a way to SLOOOW down time!! Anyway, off topic, but where do you buy your jeans from? I have trouble finding modest jeans. I want them to flatter, but not be too sexy or low cut in the back , if it's not too nosy...where do you get your jeans??