Monday, February 21, 2011

Hope for the Hopeless

I've been digging into Bob Jenning's Journal, and have savored his insight.

In one of his posts he explains:

Man needs salvation, not modification, nor motivation, nor consultation, nor redirection.  Education without salvation is still damnation. Humanity is wrecked in sin and needs salvaging. Who can save us from a bad heart and a bad record?  [...]

Christ, as God’s Lamb, was slain. He died in the place of sinners. His shed blood …
  • makes propitiation, saving us from divine indignation
  • makes reconciliation, saving us from separation
  • makes justification, saving us from condemnation
  • makes for regeneration, saving us from degradation.

I find myself evermore amazed by the Love of Christ. I feel like, every year... week... every day, I realize He loves me even more than I previously believed.  The closer I draw to my Lord, the more I see of His unwavering love for me.  When I see that love, I want to proclaim it. I want to wrap my arms around every soul I see and know and tell them about the Good News of Christ.  I want them to know the love of Christ. I want them to know what it is like to live without the misery and the regret and the pain of the Christ-less life.  I want them to understand that Christ died for them- for YOU. Stop carrying those heavy chains.  Stop lugging around your death sentence.  Christ has freed you.

Believers- we have been entrusted with the gospel. It is our duty to spread the name of Jesus Christ! It should be our joy to tell others. (Oh, how I wish this was my heart's daily desire!)  As Jennings says,

We are entrusted with the glorious gospel – the very message, the truths that reveal what God is like and what He requires, that reveal how sin can be forgiven, that explain the workings of man’s heart, that hold the keys to mental renewal and demonic deliverance. One time I shared the gospel with an elderly woman. I left solemnly with the realization that her response to my words would determine her eternal destiny in heaven or hell. We have good news (gospel). The evening news is mostly bad news. Ultimately we have the only good news in the whole world. For all other good news is only temporal and fades. The Christian has a message of solid joys and lasting pleasures.


mommyto4blessings said...

What a convicting post! You are so right..if we realize every person we see everyday, whether at the grocery store, the post office, the going to go to heaven OR hell one day, it should make us be sure we proclaim the gospel to them!! We are quick to spread other news, we need to be quicker to spread the GOOD news! said...

Amen, girl! Great point you make there!