Saturday, March 5, 2011

What's up, buttercup?

10 Things......
      Currently happening in our lives-

1. Hubby received a special award at work which came with a little extra money.  (Go Hubby!) Guess who is finally going to get to renew her contact (eye) prescription today!
2. In two days, Evangeline Rose is going to have her "half birthday". Where have the last six months gone?  She's grabbing things (uh, like my glasses) and wanting to stand up, even though she has yet to even crawl.
3. I'm pretty sure something totally amazing is about to happen within our family, but I'm going to keep my lips zipped until God's glory is revealed through it.  Then this miracle will speak for itself!
4. Purging. No, not regurgitation.  I'm talking about sifting through all the STUFF in our house and getting rid of it.  Garage sale, anyone?  (I'm definitely digging the open feel of our home and decluttered look!)
5. The van has been out of commission for a bit, so we haven't been able to make it to our church or out to functions, but it's actually been one of the most fruitful couple of weeks in my life.  Therefore, I can't even really bring myself to be all that upset about it. Truly, being "stuck at home" is the often the best thing for me.
6. I've lost 20 lbs over the last 3-4 months. I can hardly believe it!
7. My daughter is learning to read quite well, and I am SO glad! Still a work in progress, but it's the progress that excites me!
8. As of today, I am blond no more! :)
9. Rearranged the livingroom. :) Goes with #4.
10. Have been walking to the park several days a week... and the kids have really enjoyed this.  Evangeline really loves the outdoors!


Valerie said...

YAY!! I loved every one of those updates :) I am trying to walk with my kids outdoors too, and I am liking it A L O T!

Waterdreamer said...

Sounds like you are Doing great!

Arlene said...

You sure don't look like you have 4 kids, including a 6 month old! I like the dark hair, it's very becoming. But mostly I love the joy radiating from your face. That's from the heart.

Jeanette said...

I really like your dark hair. Congrats on those 20 pounds! You look great!

Jess said...

I loved visiting you and your gang! So much fun. Great post and inspiring. HUGS~

p.s. love the blog redesign :)