Sunday, April 10, 2011

Evangeline: 7 months

My sweet baby Evie-Rose is seven months old now (on April 7th).  Can you believe it?  My friend, Tori, sent her several adorable outfits... so I had to snap a few photos to show them off.

She's sitting up now- still a bit wobbly, though!

Look at those adorably chunky legs!  She loves to stand up. She's not crawling yet, but she will pull up on stuff now! I think she may walk before she crawls, that little silly booger!

Notice Keagan's arm in the left corner. :) Stinker!

We're doing good. Evangeline is having some issues with seasonal allergies lately.  Her little eyes are goopy and her nose is running.  She was up all night... I think I got a few hours of sleep.  And she was pretty cranky today in church, although she did conk out for a bit... long enough to have the buttons on my blouse imprinted on her forehead. (Hehe.)

I'm still posting regularly at, so if you miss me here, check over there!

♥ Mandy

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Arlene said...

My, that little sweetie looks just like her daddy! You're looking great too Mandy. So glad to see you and your family doing so well. Praise the Lord for all He's done for you!