Thursday, April 21, 2011

Homeschooling: Dino-mania

As I mentioned before, in History we're studying Genesis 1 and taking a deep look at God's creation with our current focus on "Dinosaurs".  The word dinosaur is a fairly "new" word- previously, in the English language, they were referred to as dragons.

I had been wanting to show the kids a film about dinosaurs, but all of them seem to center around evolution, a theory that has so many holes, it's ridiculous, but is taught as fact in many schools today.  (There are people who are not Christians who believe evolution to be scientific folly, so it's not just Creationists who think this theory to be absolutely "redonkulous".)

Several people recommended that I watch Dragons or Dinosaurs: Creation or Evolution? via Netflix. Brandon got off work a bit earlier than usual, so we all watched it together and thoroughly enjoyed it.  I had already been doing a bit of research on things like this (pertaining to how to Noah's flood would have caused much of what we see today in nature, such as canyons and mountains and so on, as well as rapid fossilization), so it was really great to see much of this repeated on this film.  Man and "dino" did live together and I don't believe them to be entirely extinct, and I especially don't believe they were extinct millions of years ago because the evidence simply doesn't prove that nor does the evidence speak to an "old world", but rather a world that is thousands of years old... not millions.

But, don't take my word for it- dig in for yourselves.  I won't go into deep detail here because that would just ruin all the awesomeness. Check out Answers in Genesis like I recommended in my previous entry. AiG is also featured on Dragons or Dinosaurs.  If you're looking for a video from a Creationist / Young earth point of view, this movie is excellent. It's not one of those "theories" which require many assumptions nor do you have to ignore evidence in order to make the view fit (as one must with evolution).

Anyway, we've coined this week "Dino Week" as we look into the stories from cultures of old about dragons and "beasts" and learn more about these interesting creatures.

Even breakfast had a dino-touch to it!

And the kids and I worked on a Dino and Dragon mural to hang in the homeschool room. (Photo of finished product to come. They added their own drawings... so cute!)

I don't think I ever really enjoyed studying Dinosaurs/Dragons until now!

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Tim and Melissa said...

YAY for a homeschool post!!! I LOVE LOVE LOVE these! Of course, I love all of your posts! I am definitely going to bookmark this one for when we learn about Dinosaurs. I totally agree with your method of teaching...and thank you for being so helpful as to share it with me!