Thursday, April 28, 2011

Homeschooling: I like to play with letters

Have you heard of Bananagrams? I picked up this game at Walgreens. Little Scrabble-style letters come in a banana-like pouch. These little letters are a great addition to our homeschool.

This morning, Keagan grouped together the letters he knew the sounds to (S, M, and A)

And Nolyn worked on putting together words. I noticed that he often puts words and short sentences together backwards- for example, today he wrote "eht taob llef" (the boat fell). I know some would likely say he's dyslexic, but I think kids have such a unique perspective. I mean, he's just now grasping the concept that letters have to be put into a specific order to form a word.(For example, to spell out pants he would write "npats".) I think this was because he was writing down the sounds that stand out the most to him, no matter the order.  It's just like when kids learning their numbers- order is a concept that takes time. (Keagan likes to count, "One, two, free, fo', five, six, seben, ten, ahunnerd!!")

Merikalyn loves Bananagrams and has fun making sentences, grocery lists, and people's names.


Waterdreamer said...

I've been looking at getting these.

Melissa said...

Ooh, these look like so much fun! We may need to add to our stash, as well!

I like Keagan's way of counting...that's absolutely adorable!

And the picture of Merika with her mouth in an 'o'...way awesome picture!