Tuesday, May 31, 2011

The Best Sling Ever

My friend Rebecca from Nurtured Family gave me this wonderfully comfortable Hava sling.

I have a lot of different carriers, but I have never worn one as comfy as the Hava sling.  Every single carrier and wrap I have always leaves me feeling like I need a trip to the chiropractor, but not this one.  It has padding in the right places, distributes the weight perfectly, and doesn't make me sweat like crazy in this Texas heat.

I have to admit, I had seen them in her store and thought they looked pretty great, but the price tag, well.. I'm cheap. (I mean, frugal.)  However, now that I know how comfortable they are, I'm definitely considering buying another.

It even has a little zippered pocket to store things! (I can see slipping my debit card in there so I don't have to drag in my purse when I'm running quick errands.)

It's super easy to adjust so it fits perfectly, plus it's easy to nurse in.  I have never had a wrap, pouch, or carrier I felt comfortable nursing in.  Wraps required a lot of hassle to switch the baby into a nursing position, but this sling doesn't. I'm not just saying this because Rebecca is my pal- Hava slings are the best.  They are totally worth the price tag.

Please make note that I do not have the sling pulled under Evangeline properly- I just "tossed it on" real quick to snap a photo. Normally, it would be pulled more under her bottom, all the way up to her knees. (But hey, check out Evie's farmer tan!)

I normally use the Moby wrap or my Gypsy Mama wrap when I'm out, but those things are such a hassle.  I mean, I hate having to wind them around my body before I run into a store or go to the park.  The Hava sling is easy to put on and adjust, and you don't feel like you're doing a circus act.

Rebecca did not ask me to do this review, but because her slings are just so fabulous, I had to recommend them.  These slings are great for newborns and toddlers. Check them out at Nurtured Family.  They come in a variety of prints, and even have an organic option.

Rebecca helped me figure out how to adjust it, but recommends that you check out the DVD for instructions. Or, if you live nearby, check out their store in person!

(Um, my foot is not as huge as it looks in this photo!)

 (Nursing in the HAVA sling)


treyandjordynsmommy/Shannon said...

I have a SlingEZee from Nutrured Family, one of the sister slings of Hava! I love it too!

A Joyful Chaos said...

So far I have never had a baby carrier/sling that I liked, but with another baby on the way I may have to check out this one.

Thanks for sharing!


Sarah said...

Yay for babywearing! I am a huge fan :) A tip I found helpful for using stretchy wraps when going out was to secure it before I left the house and just pop baby in at our destination. But I imagine wrapping is not too comfy in Texas heat. Very cute sling!