Monday, May 2, 2011

Birthday Bash, picnic style

We celebrated Merikalyn's 8th birthday and my niece's 4th birthday Saturday.  Merika's birthday is on the 5th of May, which, this month, is right before Mother's Day weekend, so we threw her a party last weekend instead. She really wanted to do one with her cousin (even though her cousin's birthday was almost a month ago). I think they had a lot of fun. :)

We don't usually decorate for birthday parties because, well, it can be quite costly, but Merika wanted a "spring picnic" party, so I was able to scrounge up a bunch of items we already had mixed with things we found on sale (post-Easter clearance!).  It's simple, but she loved it!

Here's a few photos from my mobile phone.  I'll have more later, once my dad uploads his!

We had a great spread of fresh food! Sandwich wraps, pb&j, potato salad, fresh veggies and fruit, chips & dips (ranch dip and queso dip), and jalapeno bread.  I purchased the table cloth (wipeable) from Kroger's for about $4.00.  I used a picnic basket to hold a tray of fresh tomatoes (from our garden!), a Easter basket someone gave us last year to hold the bread, and an upside down hat box with a plate on top for chips.

About four or so years ago, my mother-in-law made red and tan checkered curtains for a wide (but short) window in Nolyn's room (in our old house in Louisiana).  This curtain made a perfect runner for the kitchen bar! We put a pair of chairs on each side of my sewing desk for a nice little sitting area. (From left to right, My husband [Brandon], my brother and his wife [Chip & Tara] with Nolyn [fresh haircut!], Keagan, and Merika.)

Of course, the first thing my MIL did when she arrived was take photos of Evie who was happily grinning and cooing.  (That's my nephew- my husband's brother's son- in the background.)

I found a bunch of silicone cupcake cups on clearance at Hobby Lobby and Michael's. I absolutely LOVE these things. I use them in my husband's lunches or when we go on picnics. These cups are perfect for holding servings of potato salads. So many more uses than just cake!  Thanks to Easter cleance, I found these adorable Lindt bug chocolates to top off some of the cupcakes!

I found little brown bags (at Hobby Lobby, I believe) and filled them with little goodies.  Don't you just love the silicone cupcake "pots"? They're my favorite.  I save these clear containers (which bakery breads and treats come in) and found they were perfect for keeping the cupcakes and not smashing the icing... since I made the cupcakes the day before. I found the butterflies at one of the craft stores... and knew they'd be great as cupcake decor! The kids really loved them.

We put our kitchen table benches in the livingroom during the party. The kiddos and their friends pretended they were park benches.  They were pretty tired at this point, so I think they look like they're about to conk out!

And eventually.... they did!  I went to see if Keagan wanted to ride his bike outside and found him conked out on his coloring book.... crayon in hand!

Of course, Evangeline received a lot of attention. Her feet hardly touched the ground.

Evangeline with Nana (my mom)

Later that day, I drew a little message (with chalk) on the fence for my hubby.  Merikalyn and Keagan wanted me to take their picture with it.  They are wearing new shirts. My brother picked out the shirt Merika is wearing, and Nana gave Keagan his Dino shirt.  He's really into dinosaurs and dragons since we've been studying them the last couple weeks!

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