Friday, May 20, 2011

I sure have some sweet children! (photos)

I whipped up this diaper for my sweet Evie.  Fleece diapers are so easy to make, and seem to be super cozy! If I was a baby, I'd want one!

My little Keagan fell asleep after bible study with the blanket pulled over his head. 
Guess who woke up all sweaty!

 You know what totally warms my heart?  When my children take to studying the bible and writing out verses on their own!

I love how they pulled up little tables, just like I do.

Nothing on the window sill is safe!

 Peeeeekaboo, Momma!

Where could she be??

Brotherly love!

 Someone's not too happy that I'm restraining her hands from tugging at my hair!


Close of a day- Chamomile tea, yummy smells, and my prayer journal. God is good!


Arlene said...

OMW, can that little baby look any more like her daddy?!?! They are super precious Mandy, and I'm amazed at Merika's recovery. She looks so beautiful, and so healthy. Praise God for all that He's done for your family. He truly is good, all of the time.

Charis's Mum said...

Cute diaper!!! What pattern did you use?? I love attempting to make cloth diapers for my daughter.