Friday, May 6, 2011

Sew beautiful

While the kiddos were napping, I decide to whip up a couple skirts for my birthday girl. (I'm still trying to wrap my head around the fact that she is now EIGHT!)  I have yet to take pictures of the second, but here's her new favorite- the Dino Skirt

Who says girls can't wear dinosaurs? I figured since we had just finished studying dinosaurs and dragons, Merikalyn would probably love to have a skirt covered with the creatures.  I was right.  I added the pocket last minute. It just seemed like it needed something.. extra. And, well, you know a gal needs a place to stash her lip balm!

The only plain shirt Merikalyn had in her closet that matched was a red long-sleeved tee. In our Texas heat, few people wear long sleeves passed January, so I chopped the sleeves to elbow length.

I thought using some of the scraps to make a feminine clip would make this little girl grin, and.. sure enough! An old red button completed the dino-flower and off she went to twirl and swirl.

Now I'm thinking I might need to get more of this fabric to make some matching things for her siblings!


Cilla said...

I've just bought some fabric to make my daughter a simple skirt.... how do I make one like this??!

Mommy N said...

Cute skirt and hair clip!!! do tell!

Melissa said...

Beautiful job, Mandy!

Christie said...

Seriously adorable! Did you use a pattern, or is this something you came up with on your own? Love the pockets!

I've gotta get my sewing machine fixed.... my "want to do" list is piling up WAAAY too high. :)