Wednesday, May 4, 2011

This week in homeschooling....

This week Keagan is learning the letter D, which makes it a great time to learn about "diving dolphins" (as we also continue our study of God's creation).

 The letter D on his alphabet puzzle had dolphins on it. He made sure I could see that it matched the dolphin book.

 Which of course, we had to read while inspecting each photo. (The other kiddos were sitting on the floor.)

Later, we went outside to draw (with chalk) on the fence. I snapped a photo of Merika and her masterpiece..

And she snapped a photo of mine!

Splish splash!

Keagan wanted to stand on top of the play house to draw his.

And then, can you believe it, this momma "accidentally" got the kids all wet while watering the plants! Merika looks disgusted, but she actually had a lot of fun.

Keagan and Nolyn thought they could escape the hose by hiding in the play house. Obviously, that didn't work.  :)  Hubby came home about this time and witnessed me spraying down the kids... and he promptly locked the back door before any of them could track water and grass inside. Ha!  (Or, maybe he was afraid I'd turn the hose on him!) I had to bring them around to the garage and strip them down, but then, after they were all dry and clean, they were rewarded with a trip to Red Lobster to celebrate an early Mother's Day.

And, we're back at it again.  Keagan really loves his marker books. He digs them out every day, does a few pages (sometimes the whole book), then puts it away saying, "Done wif hommerk (homework), mama!"

Our neighbors children always have homework to do when they get home from school, so the kids are very interested in doing "homework".  I tell them, "When you're homeschooled, it's all homework!"

I never understood homework. It all seemed a bit ridiculous to me. Eight hours of school and then home to do a couple more hours of work? No thanks!  I remember one summer I had to read six (boring) books before school started and write a report on each one! Ugh!  Of course, I put it off to the very last week, so that didn't make it any better!

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Melissa said...

What a fun week! Thanks so much for posting about your homeschool...I love it!