Sunday, June 19, 2011

Amazing Fathers

I'm super blessed. You see, I have a super amazing husband who happens to be a super amazing father. I know I'm a bit... strange, odd, quirky.... but my husband truly understands me. I'm not a mystery to him. And, know what? He loves me, even with all my weirdness.

He's a loving man of God who is constantly serving others, putting himself last.  He's strong and wise and smart and funny..... and I'm so glad we have four beautiful children to raise together!

And, know what he did on Father's Day?  He took the boys out to the backyard to sand off our dining chairs so I can repaint them!  Sweet, right? Like I said- always serving others!

You know who else is a wonderful father?  My dad!

This is an old shot from 2009, I think. :) But, he hasn't changed much. The kiddos sure have, though! :) Love you Daddy!

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Angie said...

Lord blesses us when we least expected. We have been a piece of heaven through our men...

be blessed dear sister...