Monday, June 20, 2011

Great Finds: Our Goodwill Score

I love a good deal. We're doing some remodeling (just cosmetic, simple stuff- no destroying walls since we are renting), so I'm on the look out for awesome thrifts- chairs, storage/organizational stuff, etc. Look what I found today:

I'm told this is a spice rack (it can be hung on a wall). I'm considering painting it.

I love this piece. Someone painted it, which... well, I think the original silver metal would have looked super cool, but I'll probably end up painting it a darker blue... when I get around to it. It's not really high up on the priority list with all the other like-to-do's we have. It's 5 feet tall and will be perfect for organizing all that clutter that ends up on kitchen bar (like mail, notes, and pens, for example).

1 comment:

marmaduke said...

Love the blue rack, what a brilliant find, ideal for the kitchen.

Just found your blog and it makes such a refreshing change to red something wholesome.

God Bless