Tuesday, July 12, 2011

A Make-Over with Paint, and more

You know what's been driving me crazy about our house for some time now?  That distinct line of filth on the walls.  It's about 3 1/2 feet tall and resembles millions of handprints.

I'm not a big fan of white walls, and the paint on our walls was likely just primer or some sort of flat paint that holds every scuff and greasy finger print. It's amazing how a fresh coat of eggshell paint makes everything instantly look.... cleaner.

Hubby and I had also been planning on making this massive framed chalkboard. He had even cut the pieces a couple months ago, but they had yet to be painted.  (He picked up the trim off a job. They were ripping down this thick, beautiful trim and replacing it, so he loaded as much as he could in his truck!) After painting the livingroom, he primed everything, and then we painted on a couple coats of chalkboard paint.  I have yet to hang back up all the frames and such. I don't think I want to put them back the way I had them!

We nailed it directly to the wall.  Feels empowering to handle a nail gun, gals! ;)

Now... what to write on it first.......

Here's another project in progress.  My husband made this monster of an armoire over seven years ago to create some extra storage in the baby's room. Back then we only had one child, so this thing has lasted us through four children and all sorts of functions (homeschool storage, television cabinet, etc).  Now it's back to serving it's original purpose. Hubby has added shelves (and still has to add another), and I picked up these little red bins (Wal-mart, about $3) to hold Evangeline's clothes, bibs, and more.  I intend on painting the inside of it at some point, and spray painting numbers on the tubs, but it works for now.

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Melissa said...

very nice job, guys!

Valerie said...

Very very nice!