Monday, July 18, 2011

My girls & Getting Older

I look at my girls, and I'm amazed. First of all, it seems like it was only yesterday that Merikalyn was as small and bald as Evangeline.  It seems the last eight years have flown by.  With my birthday (and my husband's 30th!) coming up in a couple weeks, I am beginning to realize that I'm no longer a kid.  For so long, even though I had two or more kids of my own, people so often looked at me and treated me like I was twelve.. and now I am actually being treated as an adult. It's weird.  Maybe it's because I have four children. Maybe it's because I've been married for nearly nine years, or maybe it's because I'm actually maturing.  I don't know... but I'm actually feeling older... and it's not so bad.

Aren't my girls sweet? *Sigh*

So, how do you feel about growing older?

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Melissa said...

I agree with you...I've suddenly realized that I'm getting older! It's not that I didn't realize it before, per se, but it's just 'hit' me moreso this past year. And I'm totally cool with it!

The thing about 'getting older' for me, is I realize how much responsibility falls on me. In regards to God's Kingdom. I'm not just a 'youth' anymore. I hope to fill my place as best as I can! And I'm thankful that God will help me do that!