Sunday, July 17, 2011

Vegan Deliciousness- no kidding!

I set out to make a good meatless patty my kids would love. I confess, I used canned beans, but next time, I am definitely going to crockpot my own.  Relying on what was already in my pantry, I smashed about 2 cups Navy beans, beat about two cups croutons into crumbs, and mixed it together with a bit of Tony's Cajun Seasoning and Garlic powder. Since my croutons were ranch flavored, I went light on the seasoning, and they were perfectly flavored.  (In fact, for those of you who don't like things intensely flavored, you could just used seasoned croutons and leave it at that.) As an after thought, I chopped up fresh cilantro and mixed that in as well. Yum.

I formed them into patties and threw them into the skillet.Well, not exactly threw... more like gently placed.

Even though I'm on a juice fast, I had to take a bite of this taco before serving it up to the kids. (Sadly, I didn't have any lettuce.) Oh man, it was delicious. Hubby tried it and agreed.  I know Vegans and Vegetarians say this all the time, but, really.... these things are really a hit, whether you're vegetarian or not.

All of our critics gave it two thumbs up!  Merika, Nolyn, and Keagan not only had seconds, but thirds!  Even baby Evie-Rose enjoyed it!  I'm actually shocked Keagan liked it so much as he is my pickiest eater!

The taco reminded me of my Granny's tacos, even though hers are made with ground beef and these are definitely not.  I know this is a recipe I can use in all sorts of dishes- from burgers to lasagna! Can't wait to test it out!


Linsy B said...

yum! i've made something like this before but with black beans and tortilla chips. delicious!!

The Monier Family said...

That looks SOOOOO yummy!!! I may have to try this;oP Thanks for sharing!!