Sunday, July 17, 2011

What we've been eating lately:

Those of you who have been around here long enough may remember that a couple years ago, I was a High-Raw Vegan.  Most of my diet depended upon fresh fruits and vegetables, and I drank a lot of fruit smoothies.  Well, I eventually drifted away from my healthful vegan diet (as evidenced by the delicious fried chicken recipe I posted a while back), especially after I had my fourth miscarriage (which was due to a certain medication, not the vegan diet). I know my healthy eating helped my body recover and helped with my secondary infertility issues, but after that miscarriage, I began turning to my old favorite comfort foods.

Since then, we've had our healthy moments, and I'm sure, compared to the average American on the S.A.D. diet, we definitely seemed healthy, but both my husband and I were dragging. A couple weeks ago, my system nearly crashed.  I got sick, and a little funk which would normally only knock a person down for a day had me out for a couple weeks.  Plus, for several months, I had been experiencing hot flashes!  I am way too young to be having hot flashes, my friends! I woke up feeling groggy and gross, and I went to bed feeling groggy and gross. I just wanted to sleep  (Which, btw, you can't do when you have four children!)

Hubby and I decided to juice for three days (and, if we need something to "chew on", we can have watermelon or cantaloupe for supper). Brandon switched to a mostly vegetarian diet (allowing himself to eat shellfish) a bit before we officially started juicing.  I was recovering from being K.O.ed by the sickies, so I stuck to simple meals myself... which definitely made it easy to go on a juice fast.

Here's some of the delicious fruit smoothies we have lately:

When some of my friends found out about what we were doing, they asked what they kids would be eating. Were they going to be juice fasting too? The kids are enjoying fruit smoothies as well, but have been switched back to vegetarian diet.

Here's some of the plates they've enjoyed recently:

Their breakfast one morning.  Food for Life's cinnamon bread with butter, broiled just long enough to really hydrate the bread. Side of fruit.

Homemade bread with PB & sliced strawberries & banana, fruit salad (two kinds of apples & strawberries) and Pirate's Booty (the boys' favorite snack).

 Their breakfast this morning.  They love those plantain chips (which, hey.. I misspelled in the photo!). They are very simple... no sugar. (Why is it so hard to find plantain chips without sugar?) 

This is what they enjoyed last night at my parents' house.  Thankfully my parents are healthy eaters so it's always easy to find good stuff to snack on there!  They came home and enjoyed lots of watermelon and cantaloupe we purchased at the farmer's market.

Evie's favorite foods lately have been peas (and lots of them), apples (finely chopped), and kiwi (which she tried this morning and loved!).

We mostly use sprouted bread (I believe grain is not that nutritious unless sprouted), and the kids' favorite is Food For Life's Ezekiel 4:9 Cinnamon Raisin Bread.


Jessica said...

Hey Mandy I am a mom to 5 blessings with my youngest being almost 11 months old, still bfing. I am wondering how your juice fast effected your milk supply or your little one? I am gluten free, just invested in a vitamix to make lots of smoothies!! I really enjoy your blogs!! Jess

Jackson said...

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