Wednesday, August 17, 2011

I like you, I love you, & Peep-toe pumps

Through my sleepy haze, I feel a soft hand on my arm. He's nearly four, but there's still plenty of pudge on those fingers. I'm laying on my stomach, left cheek nuzzled into my pillow.  I figure I only have a limited amount of time my growing pregnant belly will allow this (so I'd better enjoy it while I can). I swivel my head around. "Hey baby."

He rubs his eyes. "I sad. I weally, weally sad."
"Oh?" I say. "Why is that?"
"Woah-nen woke me up," he pouts.
I know he's sad, but it's hard not to smile at those big brown doe eyes, plump lips, and the way he says he says his brother's name.  I beckon him to join me under the sheets. "You can steal Daddy's side," I say, and I've sealed the deal.
He delights in this. He grins and I can see his eyes sparkle.  He looks around. "Where Daddy?"
"He's at work, Honey."
"Oh." He looks a little fallen.  After all, stealing Daddy's spot isn't as fun when he's not here to catch you doing so. 

They just love when he comes at them, his large hands poised for tickling.  "Are you in my spot? Are you in my spot?" he'll growl playfully.  The kids will screech, squirm, and giggle as they try to hide under the fluffy duvet.  Not today though.  It's just Keagan and me, our heads perched upon navy pillows.

He smiles at me, his cute little teeth spaced perfectly.  Some of them are already slightly chipped from his crazy adventures.  "I like you, Mom," he whispers.
"You like me?" I ask. "Is that what you said?"
"Yeah, I like you."
"I like you too, buddy."

He begins a monologue of what he ate yesterday.  I don't ask why. Preschoolers do random things like that.  Watuhmelon. Frawberrwies. Crackers wif that little line and the cheese. He holds his hands up in attempt to convey.  I know he's talking about those crackers that come with a little dipping of cheese and a red stick to smooth it on. It's not the healthiest thing, but the munchkins had been eyeing them for months, asking every time we went down the snack aisle.  During our last grocery trip I figured, Why not? Why not allow them to try them out?  I remember how much I loved those things as a kid, begging my mom to toss them in the cart. Maybe it was the little red stick or just the idea of smearing my own cheese on my own cracker.  *Shrug*

He rambles on about food, and I shut my eyes to calm that dull morning headache.  His hand smooths across my cheek.  I flicker open my lids, and he smiles and says, "Mom, I love you."

My heart swells, and I'm glad that he's laying next to me. I'm glad I didn't miss this moment.  I'm glad I didn't shoo him away so I could attempt to get a few more minutes of sleep.

I hear something shatter just outside my bedroom door.  I rush into the kitchen to find pieces of one of our IKEA bowls scattered over the tile.  Nolyn has that look on his face- the one that says he doesn't know what to expect.  Is mom going to be angry?

"It's a good thing we bought those inexpensive IKEA bowls," I smile. The LUGN bowl is only $.79. Cheap to replace. I know because my cousin broke one a couple months ago when he came to visit.  That's the reason we purchased the LUGN set of dishes and bowls in the first place.  Stuff will break.  No sense in using fine china when you have clumsy children (they get that from their mother).

I tell Keagan to grab me a pair of shoes from my closet so I can protect my feet while I sweep up the shards.  He returns with his favorite pair.  Bright red peep-toe pumps.  Laughter rolls off my lips, and I want to hug him.  It must have seemed perfectly reasonable (in his mind) to choose them for the task.  He gives me that adorable smile, and I feel myself melting into the kitchen floor, melting into the crumbs and the shards of LUGN and the dirty tile I need to mop.

I'm so glad I decided to cherish the moment,
I think to myself. It could have turned out so much differently had I not.


heyshae said...

Geez, are you writing a book? If not, why not?? I don't think like you write...pretty amazing.

amy D said...

oh my, i loved this!! thanks so much for sharing! i hope that as my little one grows, i can cherish moments like this :)
oh, and i've been collecting cheap dishes from thrift stores for about a year....that way there's no matching set, and like your ikea bowls--cheap to replace! :)

Turners said...

I regret that I didn't cherish these kind of moments with you & Chip. Luckily, your Mom did!

I'm sitting here at work reading this & can't decide whether to laugh or cry! So I'm doing a little of both!!

I love you Stinky-pot!!