Thursday, September 15, 2011

The Crafty, Homeschool Room (in the works)

While we're waiting, erm, patiently for our B+C Core and other Sonlight items to arrive, I decided it would be a good time to overhaul the homeschool/craft room. Yesterday, my husband tidied it up (boy, was it loaded with junk), and today I painted one of the walls (an "accent color") and hope to tackle the other walls another day (with my husband's help, hopefully). I did a lot of organizing, and since it's not finished, I have yet to take a photo of it.  It is clean and organized enough for the kids to enjoy all their favorite things.

I did snap a shot of some of the great finds I picked up at Goodwill. Three of these four items have been incorporated into our new room. [A blue PBteen lamp for $9.99? Yes, please!]

I had a four year old who insisted on being in the photo. *Smile*

Evangeline is really enjoying the new space, especially since there are loads of new things to observe.  She hung out with me for a bit while I arranged things.  She even helped me organize the glue.

Then she found a bin of odds and ends I had put together for her to explore. Dominos, blocks, books, shapes and all sorts of things!

It was really hard to get things accomplished with the older kids roaming the room, so I admit, I banished them from the area until I was almost finished (for the day, at least).  They were so excited to see I had pulled down a bin of math manipulatives and other random items they had not been able to play with in over a year.

I have a feeling they'll be up late tonight playing and learning in that room. I created several little sitting areas I know they'll love to curl up in to read or do puzzles.

Evangeline found the chunky beads and took them out of the box, put them in the box, banged them against the wicker chest, banged them against the floor, tapped them against her head, and then put them back in the box.  Silly girl!

 She loved all the little interesting things I had set up on the window seal.

My sweet baby has been sick the last few days, so smiles and giggles have been few and far between lately.  It seemed the new room with all it's new-to-her attractions cheered her up!

I'm pretty excited about the room.  I moved an old desk into the area since the kids often want to take over my desk area (an old sewing table with a granite top).  Our homeschooling is rarely ever confined to the "homeschool room" (in fact, last year, I don't think we did one bit of "schooling" in it so I decided to change it into a craft room instead, but I thought the kids would enjoy a spot to learn, craft, and read.  Maybe it'll keep them occupied while I sew!  I always love checking out other people's homeschool rooms, so I hope to have photos of mine posted sometime next week (maybe a sneak preview by this weekend?).  I don't have a huge room, but I'm thankful to have an extra room, period.  I don't see many photos on the web of small (eh, petite?) homeschool rooms, but I am sure there are others out there, like me, who don't have the luxury of a full basement or enormous playroom!

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