Tuesday, September 20, 2011

It arrived!

Whadya know.....
I head out to the grocery store after my hubby got home and the box arrived! Weeeeee! 
So, it's officially box day!

It's a good thing I wasn't here when it arrived. I probably would have hugged and kissed the delivery person.

We have friends over, so eight children (four of our own) excitedly sifted through the brand-spankin'-new books.

Evie was thrilled to have more reading material. :) I told you she loves books!

I have no idea where I'm going to put all these books, but I kept out the books we'll be using these first few weeks and put the rest back in the box.

They didn't stay in the box long, though. They're back in the hands of little boys and girls. :)

We're so glad to finally have our Sonlight Core B+C curriculum (and the other extras we ordered). Praise God it arrived!


Luke said...

Happy Box Day! [smile]


Katrina said...

Ah...there is nothing quite like getting new school supplies for the new school year!