Tuesday, September 27, 2011

My big little girl

My Evangeline is getting big.  She's been walking for a bit now, but now she seems to have more confidence. She doesn't crawl (er, scoot) as much, and she doesn't hover close to furniture like she used to "just in case".  She's an explorer.  Thankfully, she doesn't tend to put things in her mouth, because she loves to play with legos, crayons, beads, and various other things.

At just a little over 12 months old, she's already a good listener.  If I tell her no, she'll listen. If she has something in her hand, and I ask her to give it to me, she usually does.

She's still nursing, but she's also learning how to drink from a cup and does pretty well sipping from a straw.

She's a laid back kid for the most part.  She likes to observe what is going on around her.  And, she likes to chill.

She loves peas, lunch meat, bananas, raisins, grapes, and veggie straws (they are a type of chip).  Oh, who am I kidding. She pretty much likes whatever you put in front of her! She's a big eater.  Honestly, she eats more than my four-year-old does, but... if you have a four-year-old going through the picky "I hate all foods (except anything loaded with sugar)" stage, then you know that's not surprising.

She likes to pull all the cloth diapers out of the basket. She enjoys playing dolls with her big sister.  She likes to color, or at least hold crayons and wave them in the air.

She loves to "read" and is surprisingly gentle on our books.  She likes to be included in her big siblings homeschooling, whether it's reading, writing, or art projects.

And she's a good napper during the day, which is great. :)

It's hard to believe that when she's 18 months, she'll be a big sister!

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