Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Place setting place mats

One of our children's chores is setting the table.  This task is quite helpful as it means I don't have to juggle another task while trying to get dinner to the table.

Today we talked about proper place setting.  I showed them an example:

Then we all drew it on paper, which I will "laminate" (with that clear book cover stuff you can buy at Hobby Lobby).  I drew an example since they asked for tips on how to draw the utensils.  Keagan had conked out, and I knew he'd be disappointed if he woke up and didn't have his own place mat, so the one I made will be his until he can make one of his own.

This is the creation Merika made:

Sorry about the poor photo quality. Bad lighting + mobile phone!

See my sleeping beauty handsome?

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