Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Encouragement for Homeschoolers

Educating for Life! by Candy Zackey

"Many home-educating years ago, I remember lamenting over which curriculum to use with my precious little ones. They were blossoming into eager learners and I desired to give them ALL I COULD as any good parent would. When I sought the Lord in prayer, asking Him what He would have me teach them, He asked me a question. "Candy, what if all your sons turn out like your husband and all your daughters become JUST LIKE YOU?" Suddenly, what to teach was of little importance!

My focus became less about my children's education and more about becoming the person I was in Christ. I became more concerned with living in a way that would bring honor to my Lord. They were watching how I was handling situations, and would model my behavior.  I needed to focus on what mattered to God, and I knew I needed to turn my thoughts more to loving and supporting my dear husband, also.  The best thing we parents can give our children is a good marriage! It will bless their lives far more than anything else we could provide, aside from salvation."

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