Thursday, January 19, 2012

Becky's Babyshower!

I had the privilege of hosting my friend's baby shower (Sunday), and wanted to share some of the decor and fun times!  It was so great to see Becky's face light up. I know she enjoyed the fellowship with her gal pals much more than all the gifts, but we definitely enjoyed helping her build her cloth diaper stash and wardrobe for the little baby boy who will be arriving soon!


I really needed a bigger focal point on the top of the piano, so I pulled out a canvas I had laying around and painted the word "baby" on, adding a few wispy vines, leaves, and such.  Turned out fairly good for being a last-minute-scrawl.   Becky really liked it, so I sent it home with her!
I used a piece of burlap fabric I found on in the remnant clearance some time last year as a runner on top of the piano.  I'm not sure how cute it all looks or if it all goes together, but I like it.  So.. that's what matters, right?  (Hehehe)

The cakes turned out beautifully as well- one Shae's daughter made (I think she's 15 or 16 years old), and the cookie cake Nanci got from the American Cookie Company. I love cookie cakes— definitely one of my big weaknesses!


Becky cutting the cake with her daughter, Analisa, looking on.  Nanci (curly haired midwife of awesomeness) and a lady whose name I unfortunately do not know in the background.

Nanci and Rebecca.

A pregnant lady with cake. Now that's my kind of gal!

Rebecca, Allison, Heidi

Becky and her daughter, Analisa.

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