Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Everyone loves lupper!

Last weekend had "lupper" with my parents (lunch + supper, basically either a late lunch or an early supper) at this really good "Texas" restaurant. It was a little humorous because the owners definitely were not Texan... or even American... but the food was delicious.  We were there to celebrate my Mom's birthday in more of a "low-key" way.  Her birthday was New Years Eve, but she hasn't really wanted to celebrate her birthday since her mother passed away (because her Mother's birthday is the day after hers- on New Years Day).  Anyway, we had a good time, ate tons of food, and left feeling like we couldn't even fit a sip of water in our bellies.

I ordered a chicken fried steak that was bigger than my face (no kidding). I probably ate.. maybe.. half of it?  We had already stuffed ourselves on fried pickles (Mmmm) and loaded potato skins as appetizers! (And a small house salad.)  We totally spoiled ourselves. (But we had a coupon!!)

Evangeline has just recently gotten to wear she will stand wearing a headband, much to my delight. Big flowers and bows on tiny bald baby heads makes me smile.

My mom, in true Nana fashion, brought coloring books and packets for the kiddos so they were well entertained while waiting for food.

Evangeline is *that child* that normally won't go to anyone except Mom or Dad- not even people she knows quite well. I've never had a child like this.  Merika and Keagan were content to be in the arms of complete strangers.  Nolyn didn't really care for people he wasn't super familiar with, but he didn't mind his grandparents, aunts, uncles, or our close friends holding him.  Evie? Yeah, she often won't even go to my parents... or even Nanci (who sees her way more than my parents do).  However, she seems to warm up to my dad quickly (because, who wouldn't? He's playful and super fun), so by the end of our time together, she will usually be content to sit in his lap.

She will especially sit in Poppa's lap if he shares his tea.

Mmmmm, tea.

But, if you aren't careful, your tea will disappear when you aren't looking!

Oh man, we shared three huge desserts. Nolyn claimed he didn't want any dessert, followed by the statement, "Well, maybe I'll just have one bite," but he ate half of this brownie!  It was really nummy, so I can't blame him.

Keagan, Mom, and Hubby shared Banana Fosters.... they loved that!  Merika had cheese cake which she shared with Hubby and Poppa.. and I got a bite too.

*Hehehehehe*  Look at how grown up and handsome my oldest son is!  When did that happen?  He's going to be SEVEN in about two weeks! Who said he could do that?

Take-home boxes always require doodling.

The restaurant has this big duck out front... so of course, the kids wanted their pictures with it!

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The Momma said...

You have such a beautiful family! These pictures made me smile. :)