Wednesday, January 11, 2012

I love my midwife!

Nanci and Keagan hanging out on the cot in her tiny office.

My midwife visits are always interesting.  First of all, there's the relationship Nanci and I have.  Since we are friends, we have a hard time talking about the things we are supposed to talk about during our office visits.  Secondly, I usually bring all four kiddos with me, and a couple of them inevitably become Nanci's little assistants (especially Merika).  And, during every single appointment, Nolyn gets down the cloth placenta with the little doll inside and goes through what each part is.

Nanci usually shows the kids, using the doll as a stand-in for Molly Jo, how the baby is positioned in my belly.

I am really glad they get this opportunity, as they seem to be more aware and curious as to what's going on this time around (than they were when I was pregnant with Evangeline).  What a wonderful homeschool lesson! *smile*

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Valerie said...

that's wonderful!! I truly missed out on the midwife experience and I regret it OFTEN! So glad you get it :-)