Tuesday, January 17, 2012

A peek into our morning

Morning text shots to hubby:



One great thing about having an iPhone has been this new routine/tradition we have of sending "Good Morning," snapshots to Daddy.  (My other phone never sent my photos through which was very frustrating.) Brandon really enjoys the sneak peek into our mornings, and I really enjoy sharing the cute little bits and pieces with him.
I woke up to Evie jabbering.  She laid in her travel lite crib talking to herself while I grasped for those last few winks. Before long, Nolyn came into the room, lifted Evie from my crib and placed her on my bed where he climbed in beside her. Eventually, my bed was full of children and colors. Merika plopped on the foot of the bed and told the story of a "totally awesome dream" she had last night which involved flying cars that could go into space.

I've made up my mind not to rush the day, not to rush to the next task... but just enjoy each moment and be present. Who wins when I rush from one task to another frustrated and hurried?  Nobody.

As I brush my teeth, I watch Evie brush hers.  She sucks the water off her toothbrush, points to the facet, and I turn it on.  She wiggles her toothbrush under the water, grins at me, and chews on the bristles a bit.  I notice her face is thinning- the result of being an active toddler. She now walks with confidence, sometimes even puts a bounce in her step.

The kids finish getting ready for the day, and as usual, I have to steer Merika back on course.  She is easily side-tracked.  While they fold clothes, tidy up around the livingroom, and set the table, I prepare breakfast- fried eggs (no runny yolks) and toast.  Evie snacks on a fig cake because she's terribly moody and impatient this morning.


We work together to clean up the kitchen, the kids finish out their chores (putting clothes away, making beds), and I plop on the couch to read a book to Evie, hoping this weird nausea will subside. She plays with a set of Lightning McQueen cardboard books while I read the rhymes of Dr. Suess's ABCs. Big N, little n, what begins with those? Nine new neckties, nightshirt, nose.

Evangeline wears a hooded baby towel as hair and an apron as a cape.  Merika reads a book to Keagan.  Nolyn asks me how to spell Vikings, and I walk him through the steps to spell it out himself.  I change Evie's diaper (whew, thank goodness for flushable liners- that was nasty!), pour me a cup of Stash Vanilla Nut tea (which I brewed in the coffee pot), and ease back into the cush of the sofa, hoping that the hot tea, cozy couch, and stillness will calm the nausea which still plagues me.

Molly Jo squirms and wiggles, and my belly looks like some alien life form as my skin ripples and juts out at various places.  Soon she'll be here, and I'll be sitting here on the couch, sipping tea like I am now, nursing a baby as I watch my children chatter and play.

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