Saturday, January 14, 2012

Thirty-three weeks pregnant

Hello toes! Howya been? Long time no see!

The excitement in the house is almost tangible. My husband lays in bed beside me in the morning, hand on my rounded belly, feeling the rolling movements and sporadic jabs of little Molly Jo. The pregnancy has flown by- likely a combination of being busy with four children, homeschooling, homemaking, and nourishing friendships and fellowships.  When I first found out I was pregnant with this little one the year twenty-twelve seemed like forever away, and now it's here, and I'm going over a mental list of preparations.
I have noticed there is a drastic difference in my preparations for baby number five than for my preparations for baby one or even baby two.  Back then I was worried about whether I had enough onesies, bibs, and such, if I should get a bouncer, and how many packs of diapers I should hoard.  Now my preparations for baby are mostly focused on preparing the other children through building solid routines and straightening out behavioral issues, figuring out a meal plan to store up homemade deliciousness in the freezer, and get a homeschooling binder set up so we have something set up for the children to do (with minimal Mommy-intervention) while I'm focusing on nursing and recovering.

Material-wise, the only thing I really have focused on is preparing a cloth diaper stash for both the newbie and my toddler. After having four children, we've come to figure out what works for our family and is worth purchasing (cloth diapers, a HAVA sling, a Boppy, a convertible carseat rather than a bucket seat) and what is fairly useless to us (changing tables, swings, a crib, etc).  And, since this little new one will only be about 18 months apart from her older sister, we don't have to worry about clothing (although, I've never really worried about clothing when it comes to babies. Even if we had to buy everything for our child, we're such minimalists, that we wouldn't have more than about dozen outfits and a half-dozen side snap t-shirts for the tiny baby stage).

At this point, my body wears down quickly. By the end of the day my body craves a bath like some people crave crack. Seriously, I'm not exaggerating.  Some nights it's so difficult for me to prepare dinner and sit down to eat it because all I can think about is soaking in the bath. *Ahhhh*

Despite my last homebirth being quite painful, thanks to Evie's hand being up by her face when she was born, and the midwife (because she was in some sort of panic) not doing the proper maneuver (which is to pinch the baby's finger so she will withdraw her hand), I am really looking forward to this birth.  Maybe it's because I still am holding out hope that we will have a birth that rivals the amazingness of Keagan's unassisted birth, or because one of my best friends is my midwife, or because I'm just totally eager to experience those first after-birth moments of baby-awe.
I suppose the only thing I am even slightly concerned about is Evangeline's reaction.  That little one has no idea what is coming!  I know she really cannot comprehend what is going on, but I do hope her transition to "baby of the family" to "big sister" goes smoothly.

FYI- photos of our current cloth diaper stash are over at The Organic Family.  See today's review of one of my favorite brands, Muttaqin Baby, on this post.

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