Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Updates: Pregnancy and Family

It's hard to believe there are only about nine weeks remaining in this pregnancy.  And, it's hard to believe that I'm going to have five children.  Hold a sec. What? Five? Yeah. Woah. Wow. Do you know what my parents are thinking right now?  "Um, wasn't it just yesterday that our daughter was born? And soon she'll be welcoming her fifth child?" (Doesn't that make you feel old, Mom?)

This pregnancy has really flown by, maybe because we are busy homeschooling, fellowshipping, and raising four children. I hardly have the time to remember that I need to snap a belly shot!  I have been feeling really wonderful, except that my belly and chest itches like crazy (and I probably look like a gorilla constantly scratching at it), and my hips have been so shifty and outta-whack which causes my back to be outta-whack as well.  Other than that, I feel quite fantabulous.  My anemia has been better than ever this pregnancy, my glucose testing went extremely well, and I've been gaining weight at the perfect rate.

As this pregnancy draws closer to the end, my mind has often drifted to the fact that, early on, there were two children in my womb and now there is just one.  Of course, we didn't know there were two until after one of the twins had miscarried, but I can't help but think about how Molly Jo had a little sibling inside the womb with her at one point. On the other hand, I really can't imagine having three children under the age of 18 months (plus three older kiddos).

I am definitely looking forward to yet another home birth and am very thankful that my good friend, Nanci, has agreed to be my midwife. Our appointments are always short and sweet because we're both eager to head out to have lunch together afterward!

I am slowly getting things organized around here.  I went through Evangeline's old clothes and picked out things that would be suitable for Molly Jo to wear.  While Evie started out in cool-weather clothes (as Molly Jo will), the difference is that Evie moved from fall to winter and Molly Jo will be moving from spring to summer. So, while I have plenty of clothes for our coming wee one, some of my favorite outfits will not be suitable for little Miss Molly Jo.

I recently sold most of our cloth diaper stash (pocket diapers) and, through thrifty methods (shopping sales and buying excellent condition used diapers), purchased a fresh stash of diapers (fitted diapers, which require a cover, plus a few wool covers) for Evangeline.  I went through Evangeline's newborn/bitty-baby stash of diapers and organized them for her bitty-baby-sister.

We are all really excited about Molly Jo's upcoming arrival. The kids often chatter about it and have enjoyed helping us prepare.  Next up- we need to transition Evangeline out of our room and into the girls' room!  I am not looking forward to that!

In other news-
We spent Christmas Eve with my family- my parents, brother and his family, Granny, and cousins Scott and Cathy. It was so nice to scoot in around the table together, enjoy a big meal, and then relax. I used the leftover turkey to make gumbo (along with some sausage my dad brought) for everyone to take home.  (I say I, but my Dad and my Hubby helped out!)

Christmas Day we went to our friends' (David & Shae) home for food, fellowship, and worship.  Later that week we ventured out to Louisiana for a few days, hung out with my in-laws, and then returned to enjoy the cross-over of years with our church family- more food, fellowship, praise, prayer, and worship!  A great way to end and begin the year.

My husband was off for about two weeks, so it was so difficult to send him off to work this morning!  I have missed having my sweetie around all day!

While we were in Louisiana, my nephew snapped these shots of our family:


Melissa said...

Adorable photos of your sweet family!

Katrina said...

Your belly is simply gorgeous :)
Five is wonderful...five is fun...five is a lot of kids!
I know this...because I've had five before. Now I'm up to nine. It gets easier, the more you have. Believe it: it's true! I love how your youngest is so young! The new baby will be so close in age to the next one. I love that. The closest span that I could ever get was 18 months. I've got two sets that are 18 months apart. What will the age span be of your two youngest?

Happy New Year!

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