Wednesday, February 22, 2012

(Don't) Dive in!

The birth pool is set up!

I had a good laugh when I saw the warning on it, "NO DIVING!"  Well, harumph.  I was really hoping to start the birth off with some really cool acrobatics off the bed and into the pool!

Last night was Evangeline's first night out of our bedroom and into the official "girls' room". She did so great!  I have to admit, it's quite bittersweet for me, but I think it's good for her to transition into the room with her big sister.  Now I just need to tidy their room and do a little bit of rearranging!

The kids and I walked the mall for a couple hours yesterday which seemed to get my contractions going.  I had contractions 5 minutes apart all evening and into the morning, but they petered as I figured they would.  Good to know the body is preparing, though!


Sheila said...

I'm watching your blog...waiting for the exciting news of that sweet new baby's birth! I hope it all goes wonderful for you!

PRDama Sellers said...

Is this your first home birth? First water birth? You look great!

Angie said...

This will be our 3rd home birth and second water birth. We planned a water birth with our third child but I felt like getting out in the last 15 or so minutes!