Tuesday, March 13, 2012

The non-birth story

I had contractions throughout the night, most of them 5 minutes apart and lasting a minute or so. I decided that could go on forever, so I should just go to bed and rest. I walked into the bathroom this morning and was stunned by the person staring back at me in the mirror. My hips had VERY obviously widened since the previous day. There was no denying that! I had contractions throughout the day, but they weren't intense so we ran errands. I went to the chiropractor again and everyone got adjustments.

I was pretty worn out when we got home as it has become increasingly difficult to move, and I have officially hit that point where I am totally uncomfortable. It takes much effort to move around, bend, get on or off the bed or chair, or even in and out of the van. Brandon laid down for a little nap as did I. I tried pumping again to see if I could get the contractions to intensify and get closer together. It seemed to help a bit.

We weren't sure whether Brandon should go to work or not since I had been having fairly regular contractions all day. However, I know this sort of thing can go on for days (as proven by my labor with Keagan), so I felt torn. I felt I should just pray about it, so Brandon snuggled next to me and I prayed that God would just give us a clear sign as to what we should do. Of course, I was hoping that sign would be that my labor would suddenly kick into gear or my water would break, buuuut.... no.

The contractions softened again, then Nanci texted to see if I wanted to get together for dinner, so Brandon went off to work, and the kids and I went off to hang with Nanci and two of her daughters. The contractions still come every 5-10 minutes but are not super regular or even terribly uncomfortable. Sometimes they are mildly uncomfortable in my back, but nothing significant really.

I know I have a high pain tolerance to begin with, and my labors tend to spring up out of no where as I can easily ignore contractions until I get pretty close to transition. However, with Brandon being at work, I feel like I have to be more aware as to give him plenty of time to get home!!!

Anyway, so... no baby but I am not surprised. I feel like I do have some peace about it. I have had times where I have honestly felt like I am going to be pregnant forever, and I remind myself that's totally untrue and irrational! At times I feel totally surrendered to God's perfect timing and other times I wish I could take the reigns and control it.

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Leah aka Momma O said...

Hang in there! I remember that feeling so well at the end of Jaxson's pregnancy. It felt like the last month went for-ev-er, especially having contractions and feeling like I was in early labor for weeks. Praying for you!