Tuesday, March 27, 2012

They're baaaaack!

My four older children spent a week at MawMaw's house so I could have a peaceful, restful recuperation. I tell you, Brandon and I sure were ready for them to come back- chaos, noise, and all! I'm so glad my MIL and her husband watched our kiddos for a week. I know my mom wishes she could help us, but with her health being what it is, she's simply not able. My mom's prayers are priceless though!  Here's some shots from yesterday, celebrating the kiddos' return.

The boys were excited about getting to hold little Molly Jo again! Nolyn wanted to read her a book!

Looks like Evangeline is super attached to her PawPaw!

Im so happy my pudge is back home from mawmaw's!! She makes me all giggly and mushy inside!
I really missed my Miss Pudgy Cheeks!

She was really thrilled about holding little Molly Jo. Evangeline is a great big sister. (As long as you keep a watchful eye on the stinker. She can be rough!)

Aw, all three of my girls together. MAN, my Evie looks like a chunk! (She is totally a chunk!)

I'm glad my sillies are back. I really missed them like crazy!

  We are watching some Phineas and Ferb :) trying not to over do it since I am just a little over a week postpartum!
I put on a movie after putting Molly Jo down for a nap to get them all calmed down. Then, after about 10 minutes, I slipped away for a good nap of my own!   I am not supposed to pick up Evie, which is really, really difficult to remember!  However, I have learned that I definitely need to be careful with my activities as it's not very fun when you start gushing blood!

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Kristin @ Living Gracefully said...

I bet your kiddos are so happy to be home with their Momma and brand spankin' new baby sis. :)
Lil Evie looks like her Daddy in those pictures. Especially with the polo type shirt, in nearly all the pics you post of Brandon he has that type of shirt on. :)
Man! I've been reading you for a long time if I know what kind of shirts your hubby wears! HA! :)