Monday, April 23, 2012

Crawfish, sha!

We hosted a little "crawfish festival" at our house Saturday. Imagine our tiny backyard packed with, oh, a little over thirty of our favorite folks.

And sixty-something pounds of these guys:

Eeeaaat me!

Mark, Terry, Orlando, Debbie, and Rebecca going to town, y'all!

My hubby giving a lesson on how to "shuck them crawdaddies".

Rebecca, Mark, Ezra, and Chance

And look, all us ladies with new babies!
Becky with Joshua, Me with Jub'ee, and Lindsey with Aila (2 weeks old!).
(Btw, Molly Jo Jubilee is now 9 1/2 lbs! Nanci weighed all the babies that day.)

And you too can get a lesson from my cajun man on how to peel crawfish:

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